1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Yenko | Muscle Car

rare 1969 chvy chevelle yenko super car

Extremely Rare 1969 Yenko Chevelle.

In this Hot Cars article we are going to show you one of the 350 classic Chevy muscle cars, which started it's life as a Copo Chevelle, but was bought by Don Yenko along with 98 others to be transformed in a "SYC". That already made this vehicle very rare and when you add the fact that there were only 12 of those painted in Garnet Red you have one truly unique muscle car.


1969 chevrolet chevelle yenko super car

The Yenko Super Cars were never meant to be stylish, so there isn't much options included. But the 427 cubic inch L72 V8 Corvette motor under the hood which generates 425 horses and 460 pounds of torque makes those Chevys a very high performance muscle cars.


Check out the video to hear the full story of this Brothers Collection's member from Kevin Oeste.

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