Best Of The 50th Ford Mustang Anniversary

50 years ford mustang

50 Years Later The Legend Continues.

These are the best moments of the 50th Ford Mustang Anniversary celebration event that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina in April trough the eyes of one true enthusiast. He travels in his grabber blue "Smurrf" 5.0 Mustang to spend the weekend there, meet some nice people and admire some great cars.


best of mustang 50th anniversary event

Enthusiasts from around the country gather at the Charlotte Motor Speedway along with all the companies known for the mods, tuning and performance parts they do for Mustangs to celebrate.


best of ford mustang 50th anniversary event

You will see plenty of beautiful ponies, some drifting by the Monster and RTR teams and more in this 10 minutes video brought to you by ThatDudeinBlue.


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