Gorgeous 1970 Ford Torino GT with Sweet Sounding 351C

Like pretty much all Ford muscle cars from the golden era, the Torino was overshadowed by the Mustangs. While the ponies are still very popular, the Torinos are more rare and often get a lot more of attention nowadays.

calypso coral 1970 ford torino drag pack
Dave Watson's 429 SCJ Ford Torino Cobra

We have featured some real hot builds with Dave Watson's 429 SCJ 1970 Ford Torino being my favorite. But today we are going to take a look at one beautifully restored example. It is not a fire breathing burnout machine like Dave's, but when it comes to appearance, it is a real eye candy.

1970 ford torino gt 351 c


Chris Dayton's 1970 Ford Torino GT

The Ford Torino GT still sports its factory 351 Cleveland 4V powerplant with closed chambered cylinder heads. Not long ago Chris rebuilt the engine to pretty much stock specs. The few enhancements would be 0.30 over, Isky 270 Mega cam, and Blue Thunder intake topped with 750 Holley.

1970 ford torino gt 351 cleveland 4v


Here is a quick video filmed by Chris Dayton. You will see his 1970 Ford Torino GT all the way around while enjoying the sweet 351 Cleveland idle.

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1968 ford torino gt 302 build
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