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Awesome 1969 Camaro Custom - Great Eight Winner.

We are all used to seeing tons of 69' Camaros on every car show, but this particular muscle car is something truly special. With this project Hot Rod Joe has gone way beyond everything we have seen so far blending three generations of Camaro in one vehicle. Alan Reed from Louisiana is the proud owner of this masterpiece he called "Infused" as opposite to injected.

Built with custom fabricated sheet metal and coated with beautiful Forest Green Chrysler color, this Chevrolet spins a hot set of Billet Specialties and combines clues from both old and new Camaro models.


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1969 chevy camaro infused autorama winner


Responsible for the spectacular interior of this muscle car is the well known Steve Holcomb from "Pro Auto Custom Interiors" and he has nailed it again.

great eight winner 1969 chevy camaro custom hot rod joe

In the engine compartment sits nicely detailed and matching the car theme GM LS3 Crate motor supercharged with the latest Magnusson Heartbeat unit and estimated to 600+ horse power.

supercharged 1969 chevy camaro infused

As usual we have a video, so you can get all details by Hot Rod Joe who is talking about the Infused Camaro in front of Scottie's camera at 2015 Detroit Autorama. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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