true double copo 1969 chevrolet camaro on hot cars

Original Double Copo 1969 Camaro.

We have all seen plenty of 1969 Camaros, some are heavily modified, others are nicely resto-modded, but a very special muscle car like this almost 100% original Chevrolet Camaro is something that you don’t get to see very often.

true double copo 1969 chevrolet camaro on hot cars

Although it doesn’t seems to be something more than an ordinary stock ’69 Camaro, when you get a closer look and you know old school bow ties you will start noticing that some details are different from what you normally see on a 1st gen Camaros.

This Brothers Collection muscle car is a very well preserved true 1969 Chevy Camaro Double Copo with a very unique paint scheme, 15-inch Rally wheels and a high performance 427 V8 under the hood mounted to a 4-speed manual. Check out the video to hear all about it from Kevin Oeste.