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1969 chevrolet camaro z28 x33 on hot cars

Outstanding 1969 Camaro Z28 X33 Custom.

Although this Chevrolet Camaro has been resto-modded it is not a replica, but a real Z28 muscle car with the X33 code. Even if you like the original stock look of the Gen 1 Camaros, you have to admit that this Chevy has been restored very professionally and is totally off the hook.

Coated in Dusk Blue with Dual White stripes, slightly lowered and spinning a gorgeous set of chrome rims this Z28 Camaro is a true head tuner. When you add the spoilers and the cowl hood the aggressive look that a muscle car must have is accomplished. Inside things look fresh and clean and the white leather compliments the body in a very nice way. Under the hood of this beauty sits a 383 Stroker linked to a four speed gear box.

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