procharged 1970 chevy nova drag racing

Procharged Chevrolet Nova at Byron Dragway!

Although the color combo doesn’t really match the capabilities of this Procharged 1970 Nova, John Dallianis’ show winning street legal muscle car has earned a lot of respect at various drag racing events.

Packing a 509 Big Block V8 motor equipped with an air to water F2 Procharger and mounted to a Turbo 400 gearbox this Chevy usually stays at the 8 second neighborhood.

street legal procharged chevy nova drag racing

John decides to bring some action at Byron Dragway before he puts his 1970 Chevrolet Nova away for the winter and makes an easy 9 second at 134 mph pass.

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My man James Hrovat has filmed it. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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