restored 1966 dodge polara 383

Beautiful Dodge Polara in Burgundy Red!

If you love the good old American cars from the 60’s than this well preserved and mildly restored 1966 Dodge Polara will certainly win your sympathy with its gorgeous body lines and perfect combination of luxury & performance.

1966 dodge polara restoration

Built on the C-body platform back in the day this Dodge model was advertised as car for special, sports-minded, fun-loving people and although the Polara never saw the popularity of the Charger & the Challenger it is still one fabulous Mopar.


restored dodge polara 383 v8 motor

Starting with the super straight C-body recently coated in Burgundy Red Metallic, spinning awesome 18-inch Torque Thrust wheels and the freshly rebuilt vintage style White leather interior all the way to the well massaged 383 CID V8 engine attached to a 3-speed Auto 727 TorqueFlite this nicely restored 1966 Dodge Polara is a 100% head turning classic car.

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