custom 1970 dodge charger sema 2015

Outrageous Custom 1970 Charger at SEMA 2015!

With the sheer number of projects that are showcased at SEMA each year, it’s difficult to be on the lookout for the really groundbreaking redesigns. This year, however, the clear standout was the custom 1970 Dodge Charger by SpeedKore Port Washington.

The exterior of the Tantrum 1970 Charger has a custom grille and headlights that are all LED. The material of the body seam, the fender, the bumper, and the door panels are all modified and are made entirely of carbon fiber. It also has a custom gas cap. As for the rims on the modified Dodge Charger, it is performance-oriented. The HRE lightweight wheels are perfect for enhanced braking, handling, and acceleration.

custom 1970 dodge charger tantrum

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Coming to the interiors of the fully custom Tantrum Charger, they have used state of the art modern materials without betraying the spirit of the classic Mopar. Dark leather has been used along with white colored stitching for the seams. The interior panels are also made of carbon fiber. In all fairness, these modifications make space for the engine and the aluminium frame, which is a big asset to its look.

speedkore 1970 charger custom tantrum

Image Source: SpeedKore Performance Group’s Facebook Profile

A collaborative design, this tasteful reinterpretation of the classic Dodge Charger comes with a Mercury Racing built 9.0 liter twin turbocharged (94mm turbos) engine with 1650 horsepower attached to a T56 six speed gearbox. The DOHC design ensures better intake and port flow and a higher rev limit for the engine that increases the horsepower.

twin turbocharged dodge charger sema 2015

With every weld and rivet being in place this sleek and juiced up avatar of the classic muscle car is a redefining makeover. Check out Scottie’s video from SEMA 2015 to see more of it.

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