turbo 2jz gte swapped mustang 2JZ Powered Mustang – The Supra Stang!

If you are a Mustang fan who love to spend time at the drag strips or watch drag racing videos on the web, most probably you are very tired of seeing LS swapped Mustangs…well here is something different. Packing a stock 2JZ junk yard motor linked to a TH400 tranny, equipped with a Pro EFI computer and boosted with 76mm turbo unit the owner only cares about facing up all the LS swapped Mustangs.

2jz powered mustang drag racing

Hate it or love it, this seems to be a simple, but a very effective set up, which not only turns heads with its Supra sound coming from the up-pipe cutout in the hood, but also earned a lot of respect with its crazy runs and actually made it to the Semi-Final Race at the KC Mustang / F-Body meet.

Check out the 1320Video to see this cool 2JZ powered Mustang in action. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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