pre-production 1964 ford mustang restoration


Restoration of a 1964 Mustang Prototype!

This beautiful pre-production Ford Mustang is one of the three sent to England to promote the launch of the pony back in the day and one of the approx. 200 Mustang prototypes built in 1964. Frank Middleweek is a 69 year old mechanic who falls in love with this Convertible 1964 Mustang and buys it from a buddy of his back in 1986. Not long after Frank acquires the pony he checks the identification number and realizes what a piece of American muscle history he's got.

restored 1964 ford mustang pre-production vehicle


As a passionate car guy Frank decides to restore this unique '64 Mustang to its original glory. But there are hundreds of differences within the parts used in this pre-production vehicle. Although Frank faced a huge challenge, he didn't surrender. After 20 years he finishes the restoration of his 1964 Mustang and the result is incredible.

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1965 Ford Mustang 289 K-Code