custom built 1964 chevrolet impala

High End Custom 1964 Impala!

This 1964 Chevrolet Impala is built to be classy without compromising on the need for speed. With a powerful drivetrain and a Bright paint-job, this bow tie reminds people why the original Chevy Impala models were such a hit back in the golden era of American muscle cars.

bright red 1964 chevy impala custom

The most noticeable aspect of this 1964 Impala custom is the flawless Red paint that goes perfectly with the chrome bumpers, grills, side mirrors and other accents. It spins a set of 18-inch wheels from Boyd Coddington giving it a super slick look that is hard to match.

customized 1964 chevy impala 454 v8

The Bright Red Chevy Impala is powered by a massive and intimidating 454 cubic inch V8 engine that is connected to a 350 Turbo automatic transmission. To control the massive power that comes from the drivetrain, the vehicle is fitted with disc brakes and adjustable suspension system from Air Ride Technologies will help you cruise with style.

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