Brutal Twin Turbo Chevy Silverado | Drag Racing

chevy silverado ultra blue traction compound


Big Heavy Chevy Truck Pushing Over 900hp!

All blacked out, spinning a set of huge Hoosier tires at the back this twin turbo short bed Silverado can easily scare you kids. Despite the outrageous look the Chevrolet truck hits the drag strip with full weight & interior and Air Con. Of course there are some serious performance upgrades in order to make it competitive.

ultra blue twin turbo silverado drag racing


Josh of Ultra Blue Traction Compound shares few details on the set up of his nasty Chevy Silverado. It packs a 427 cubic inch LSX engine boosted with a pair of 66mm turbos to push over 900 horses and 800+ pounds of torque. The power is sent trough a 4L80 transmission with 9-inch rear end.

Check out BigKleib34's video to see this short bed Chevy truck at Street Car Takeover. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


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