Brutal 1965 Ford Mustang Restomod w/t 514 Stroker

1965 ford mustang restomod


This 1965 Mustang Is Built For Street Terror!

If you have seen any of the America Roadster custom built classic Mustangs we have featured in the past you most probably know that stock is the last thing you can call those muscle cars. That's the case with this 1965 Ford Mustang restomod as well.

matte black 1965 mustang fastback custom


Matte Black body sitting on upgraded suspension and huge Alloy wheels (18x8 and 20x14) this '65 Fastback Mustang is more than intimidating. The fully customized interior with Recaro seats, MoMo design steering wheel and White face Pro Comp gauges is just awesome and last but not least a monstrous Big Block Ford V8 engine stroked to 514 CID and mounted to a 4-speed Toploader.

Check out the video to see this beast flexing muscle and hit the Like!


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