All Numbers Matching 1968 Dodge HEMI Charger R/T

all numbers matching 1968 dodge hemi charger rt

This 1968 HEMI Charger Is The Real Deal!

Owned by a Vietnam veteran for 12 years this iconic Mopar muscle car is well taken car of, but besides being in immaculate condition this 1968 Dodge Charger R/T is quite special as well.

restored b5 blue 1968 dodge hemi charger 4-speed

Approved by Galen Govier, listed in the Chrysler HEMI registry, all numbers matching and 1 of 211 HEMI powered Chargers built in year 1968 with 4-speed transmission this nicely restored B5 Blue Charger R/T shows 39,000 original miles. On top of that the owner has rebuilt the Big Elephant to squeeze another 100 horsepower although he never takes his muscle car to the race track.

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