All Motor '68 Camaro "Retribution" Flexing Muscle

all motor 1968 camaro 468 big block retribution


This Is One Beefy Old School N/A 1968 Camaro!

The "Retribution" Chevrolet Camaro is the typical old school build and its name accurately match its personality. Powered by a naturally aspirated 468 Big Block V8 engine with 10.5:1 compression ratio married to a Merril Racing built Powerglide transmission the 1968 Camaro "Retribution" is owned and raced by the same person since 1972.

Check out the video filmed by "Tinman 2 Kustoms" to see this All Motor first generation Camaro burning rubber and pulling a few 10-second quarter mile passes at the race track...Please don't be selfish - SHARE with friends.


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