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Wicked 1500hp Chevy Nova Wagon at 2017 Dyno Wars

frank saponaro 1500hp big block chevy nova wagon

Frank Saponaro’s 1967 Nova Is Freaking Awesome!

I have come across a lot of bad to the bone street machines but I am telling you right away this Twin Turbo Chevy Wagon is one of the sickest builds I have ever seen. Some of you might remember this wicked 1967 Chevrolet Nova pulling 7 second passes @ 190mph at Hot Rod Drag Week.

Frank Saponaro’s 1967 Nova is a full interior car with A/C and sports a 555 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet V8 motor boosted by a pair of 83mm turbochargers kicking in 1595 horsepower to the wheels. TalonTSi97 will take you to 2017 Dyno Wars where the Twin Turbo Nova Wagon ended up second.

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