The First 2017 Yenko Corvette Rips Off The Dyno

new yenko corvette supercharged LT1 engine


The New SVE Yenko Corvette Sounds Nasty!

Back in the day the Don Yenko Chevrolet dealership was always associated with high performance muscle cars and today the survivors are extremely valuable. Although the modern Yenko cars are built by Service Vehicle Engineering (SVE) they are still way better than the stock versions.

800hp chevrolet yenko corvette dyno run


The last beast that came out from SVE is the 2017 Chevrolet Yenko Corvette Grand Sport. This special edition Corvette features a large number of performance mods and packs a Supercharged LT1 V8 stroker engine capable of 800 horsepower and 750 pounds of torque.

See the very first 2017 Yenko Corvette built on the Dyno. Watch, Enjoy & Share!