Wheelstanding 1964 Dodge HEMI 330 | Drag Racing

wheelstanding 1964 dodge 330 hemi drag racing

This Nostalgia Super Stock 1964 Dodge Is Awesome!

Owner of a tow truck company Scott Burrel comes across this old school Dodge 330 almost 40 years ago when he was sent to tow it. As he finds out this is an original Max Wedge HEMI powered 1964 Dodge with a four speed transmission and steel nose sold at Mr. Norms Dodge dealership in Chicago over 50 years ago Scott buys the car and takes good care of it ever since.

My friend James Hrovat (victoryredcolorado) has filmed Scott drag racing his Nostalgia Super Stock HEMI Dodge 330 at Byron Dragway during the 21st Annual World Power Wheelstand Weekend. Check out the video to see this awesome old school Mopar launching with the front wheels in the air.

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