Outrageous Blown 1970 Dodge Challenger 572 HEMI

blown 1970 dodge challenger 572 hemi


This 1970 Dodge Challenger Is a True Muscle Car!

Looking at this 1970 Dodge HEMI Challenger I can't resist to tell you once again how much I admire the Mopar enthusiast in Finland. As any other muscle car we have featured from this part of the world this Black Dodge Challenger proves that the Finns are not into fancy custom builds, but rather know how to truly appreciate American muscle.

black 1970 dodge hemi challenger


Spotless Black E-body riding on Black steel wheels, stock Black bucket interior and monstrous 572 cubic inch HEMI V8 engine topped with massive blower from BDS, this 1970 Dodge Challenger is nothing but a hard core Mopar. Check out the Jamboolio video filmed during the Vantaa Cruising!


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