procharged dodge hemi charger

This 1968 HEMI Charger Is Just Awesome!

Daily driver, show car and a drag racer, this 1968 Dodge HEMI Charger is one of the coolest old school Mopar builds that you can see around. It rocks a beautiful paint, has a full interior with nice sound system, weighs 4000 pounds with the driver in it, but it also has quite a mill under the hood.

1968 dodge hemi charger 5 speed built

This 1968 Dodge Charger sports an all aluminium Gen II HEMI motor with World block, Stage V cylinder heads and Procharger unit to put 840 horsepower to the ground controlled by Tremec 5-speed manual trans. Unfortunately this wasn’t the best day for the owner and driver but he still managed to pull couple of passes.

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