Sick 800hp Whipple Supercharged SVT Cobra Mustang

modified 2003 svt cobra mustang

This 2003 Cobra Mustang Is Ax Close To Perfect As It Gets!

The fans of this generation Modern Mustangs will be thrilled by this nicely modified 2003 SVT Cobra. Starting from the immaculate Sonic Blue paint, great choice of wheels and killer stance all the way to the 2.9 liter Whipple Supercharged motor kicking in over 800 horsepower and awesome exhaust system that includes Mac Longtubes, Mac O/R Prochamber and Magnapacks this 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra is one of the hottest of its kind.

Check out the video brought to you by Intervention302 to see some flybys, acceleration and of course the nasty sound of the exhaust. If you liked the video please don’t be shy – smack the Like button below!

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