Story Of A 20 Years Mustang Prototype Restoration

restored 1964 ford mustang pre-production vehicle


Would You Spend 20 Years Restoring a Classic Mustang?

Most of us would never do that and there are plenty of excuses we can come up with, but that's not the case with Frank Middleweek - the proud owner and restorer of this rare 1964 Ford Mustang prototype. The 71 year old mechanic from U.K. has bought this pony in 1987 from a friend and after checking the VIN later on he realizes that he actually owns 1 of the 3 pre-production Mustangs shipped to England to promote the vehicle's launch.

pre-production 1964 ford mustang restoration


When Frank bought this Convertible 1964 Mustang the car was in terrible condition and as a true fan he wanted to restore it to its original glory. The process turned up to be quite challenging even for a man with his skills as the pre-production Mustang was quite different than the vehicle that Ford launched in 1965. Frank has dedicated 20 years of his life to restore this Mustang prototype and the result is fascinating.

See the video for the full story of the restoration. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


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