Real Deal Z28 1969 Camaro Review & Road Test

real z28 1969 camaro review


Original Z28 Chevrolet Camaro Driver Car!

While you can see tons of 1969 Camaros these days and many of those have Z28 badges, a real deal Z28 Camaro is still a rare and very valuable example of a late 60's Chevy muscle car. The guys at Concept One have done some work to this beauty and it turned up to be a sweet driver, that looks, sounds and runs great.

original 1969 chevy camaro z28


This original 1969 Camaro Z28 actually belongs to Kevin's Dad Darrell who has owned for about 10 years. Kevin and the crew at Concept One has done a great job on it by upgrading the suspension, refreshing the interior and finding a replacement for the DZ302 motor.

Check out my man Scottie's video to see this gorgeous muscle car flexing muscle. Watch, Enjoy & Share!


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