Check Out The Fastest Stick Shift Coyote Mustang

turbo 2011 mustang gt stick shift

Built by the Fathouse Fabrications shop specializing in forced induction for modern muscle cars this turbo 2011 GT is currently the fastest stick shift Coyote powered Mustang. Ben’s Stang still has a full interior besides the rear seat being removed for roll bar installation and is driven on the streets on a daily basis.

This 2011 Mustang GT sports a turbocharged forged motor with sleeve supports, Boss intake, Fathouse Fabrications custom turbo kit, ID 1300 injectors and more mods to crank out 1200 horsepower controlled by T56 Magnum transmission.

fastest stick shift coyote mustang

Currently scoring low 9’s on the quarter mile at over 150mph team FatFab are still working on Ben’s Turbo 2011 GT in order to get into the mid 8 seconds and become not only the fastest, but the quickest stick shift Coyote Mustang as well.

Check out the FatHouse Performance video to see this beast drag racing.