"Thin Mint" Mustang - Cool Color & Tons of Power

turbo ford mustang 5.4 liter modular motor


"Thin Mint" - One Of The Hottest At The Mustang F-Body Meet!

The 11th Annual Mustang F-Body Meet as usual gathered plenty of hot rides and offered a lot of action for the spectators. The "Thin Mint" Mustang was one of the ponies that stands out in the crowd with a combination of unique paint and awesome set up under the hood.

"Thin Mint" wears a mixture of 70's Mustang Mach 1 and Aston Martin colors and packs a 5.4 liter Ford V8 modular motor from Lincoln Navigator. Although this engine is not quiet a performer when boosted with 78mm turbocharger running on 12 pounds of boost it makes this F-body Mustang moving pretty good.


thin mint f body ford mustang

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