Stupendous 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Restoration

restored 1971 ford mustang boss 351


This Boss 351 Mustang Is Nothing But The Real Deal!

Restored nearly 15 years ago this stupendous Black and Silver 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 has been sitting in a garage for the last 10 years when finally the original owner's widow decided it's time to do something with it. It's really amazing how this iconic muscle car was quiet dirty, but with a new battery and racing fuel started up right away and is in great overall shape.

1971 ford mustang boss 351 restoration


What you're looking at now is a Deluxe Marti reported 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 with 96,000 original miles and only about 500 after the restoration. The car is in mint condition and my man Scottie had a chance to interview the current owners during the  2017 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Fall edition.

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