Candy Apple Red 1968 Mustang With a Rich History

restored 1968 ford mustang fastback

One of the Finest Classic Mustangs You’ll Ever See!

Those of you who are old enough to remember Ford’s advertisements from the late 60’s will probably recall the one with Sidney who bought a Candy Apple Red 1968 Mustang, became a Life Guard and started to save hot chicks that could swim better than him.

restored 1968 ford mustang 302 v8

This 1968 Ford Mustang part of the amazing Brothers Collection of classic cars looks a lot like Sidney’s. It has been professionally restored, but still rocks all of its original sheet metal and has a numbers matching driveline. The Red on Red color scheme is what makes it really pops.

candy apple red 1968 mustang fastback

Born on July 16 of 1968 at the San Jose plant, this Californian Candy Apple Red Mustang Fastback has had a few owners ever since, but its entire history is available, which isn’t something you get with most classic muscle cars. Watch the video to learn all about this gem from Kevin Oeste.

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