garage squad 1969 plymouth hemi gtx drag racing

I’m sure Joe Zolper from the TV show Garage Squad and owner of the Prison City Customs needs no further introduction as most gearheads are well aware who he is. Joe showed up at Route 66 with his Blown 1969 Plymouth HEMI GTX for first time since 2012 to prepare for the CAR CHIX BATTLES OF THE SEXES at Great Lakes Dragaway where he was about to race his wife Jenny with her Blown 1973 Plymouth Duster. Even though Joe hurt the engine on his only pass I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the Garage Squad 1969 Plymouth HEMI GTX in action as it has been a while.

joe zolper plymouth gtx drag racing

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See Jenny Drag Racing the 1973 Plymouth Duster at Route 66 on Hot Cars