Awesome Pro Street 1969 Camaro “Second Chance”

pro street chevy camaro shafiroff racing engine

A big time 1st generation Camaro fan since his youth Dennis Sneath a.k.a Denny acquires this muscle car back in 1998, but the reason his Viper Red 1969 Chevy Camaro is called “Second Chance” is that he actually wanted to buy it in ’96 but missed that opportunity only to get another shot at it 2 years later. Denny has been upgrading the car ever since and tried a few set ups.

1969 chevy camaro second chance


What we are looking at right now is killer Pro Street 1969 Chevy Camaro with Yenko styling sitting on BMR Suspension and 15-inch American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. The “Second Chance” 1969 Camaro interior combines factory and aftermarket components with a custom built roll cage and the sprayed 598 Big Block from Shafiroff Racing under the hood is capable of way over 900 horsepower.

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