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Rescued 1967 Camaro Becomes The Perfect Driver

gold 1967 chevy camaro driver

The story of this rescued 1967 Chevy Camaro starts many years ago when the current owner Jim Gelfat was asked by a friend to help him clean out an old garage. He did mention there must be an old car in there, but with all the junk being collected there for the last 15 years they couldn’t see it when they opened the door. As Jim and his buddy cleared away major part of  the boxes they saw it sitting there – a first generation Camaro in rough condition.

Today this Gold 1967 Chevy Camaro is Jim’s perfect driver that he enjoys and is never scared to take out on the open road as he never restored it to show quality condition. To hear the full story of this rescued muscle car see the video brought to you by Hagerty and please don’t be shy – Hit the Like!

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