Watch Vinny's 1971 Plymouth Duster On Its Bumper

vinny larosa 1971 plymouth duster drag racing


Vinny LaRosa is well known for his high flying unstoppable 1971 Plymouth Duster, which many refer to as the "Ultimate Hybrid" and was actually a race car even back in the '70s campaigned as the "Feather Duster"

sassy grass plymouth duster race car


I know this will disappoint some Mopar purists but I have to tell you that Vinny's Sassy Grass Green 1971 Plymouth Duster is powered by a GM-based 632 cubes big block V8 mill. However, this thing is a hell of a muscle car and definitely needs its wheelie bars back.

Watch Vinny LaRosa aiming for the sky at No Mercy 9 and don't forget to hit the Like!


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