Convertible 1962 Dodge Polara – Amazing Classic

red and white 1962 dodge polara 361 restored

Although Dodge didn’t achieve much in terms of sales with the 1962 Polara 500 back in the day and many would say these are very ugly cars, truth is that this classic Mopars are extremely rare nowadays. In fact, John Begian who is the owner of this beautifully restored Convertible 1962 Dodge Polara shares he is always the only guy with one of these at car shows.

convertible 1962 dodge polara 500 restored

John’s 1962 Dodge Polara 500 is a California car with very attractive Red and White color scheme powered by 361 cubic inch 4-barrel V8 motor and even has a factory AC. The owner has a lot of documentation and interesting info about these classic Mopars in the trunk as well. So check out my friend Lou’s video and smack the Like button below!

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