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Killer Blacked Out 1969 Camaro Pro Touring Build

blacked out 1969 chevy camaro build

While it’s nearly impossible to see a custom built first generation Camaro that will completely surprise you with uniqueness, there are some builds like this pro touring beast that certainly stand out. The Blacked out F-body with some cool mods, wheels that fit just right and nice street stance is a combination giving a very aggressive appearance to this 1969 Chevy Camaro.

Steve Holcomb and his team at Pro Auto Custom Interiors have done a killer job inside with the modern looking Black and Red Houndstooth seats, stylish carbon fiber dashboard and few more tricks. The engine bay of this Pro Touring 1969 Camaro is pretty much as clean as it gets with great attention to detail and fitted with a built LS3 motor.

Check out my man Scottie’s video for more on this awesome Chevy muscle car and smack the Like!

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