This Blown LS Swapped Gen 3 Chevy Camaro Rocks

blown ls swapped gen 3 chevy camaro


Owned, built and raced by a true gearhead a.k.a LsxMatt this LS swapped Chevy Camaro is one of the best Gen 3 Camaros I've ever come across. Besides the clean look the bowtie has a lot to offer in terms of performance. Sporting a 5.3 Liter engine equipped with LSA Blower Matt's Camaro sends way over 500 horsepower to the wheels controlled by T56 six speed tranny and Dana 60 rear end.

lsxmatt gen 3 camaro drag racing


To see this nicely modified Gen 3 Camaro flexing muscle at the race track and pulling some 10 second passes watch the video brought to you by "TalonTSi97" In case you want to learn more on the build or LS swaps in general check out LsxMatt's YouTube channel and don't forget to hit the Like!

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