440 V8 Powered 1962 Plymouth Savoy Wagon Sleeper

440 powered 1962 plymouth savoy wagon

When you see this 1962 Plymouth Savoy Wagon it doesn’t look like anything else but an old beaten grocery getter that has somehow survived 50+ years and you’re not even sure if it runs. However, we know very well that when it comes to Mopars the appearance doesn’t always tell the whole story and that’s exactly the case with this ride.

1962 plymouth savoy wagon sleeper

Powered by a beefed up 440 Magnum V8 motor this not very sexy looking 1962 Plymouth Savoy Wagon is a hell of a sleeper capable of over 500 horsepower and low 12-second E.T’s in the quarter mile. Not too bad, right? To learn more details on the build and see this street beast in action watch the video and don’t forget to smack the Like!

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