True Double COPO 1969 Chevy Yenko Camaro Restored

true double copo 1969 chevy camaro restored


Owned by the classic car collector Gary Holub who at some point held the world record for possessing 37 Chevy Yenko Camaro muscle cars, certified by Edward Cunneen and Jerry MacNeish, listed in the Yenko registry and showing only 29 miles after the restoration performed by Joe Swezey and Brian Henderson at Super Car Workshop this is a real gem.

rallye green 1969 chevy yenko camaro restored


A true 1969 Yenko Camaro which is one of only 37 produced with the COPO 9561 Special Performance Package and COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion painted in its factory original Rallye Green color this remarkable Chevrolet was also a finalist at the Goodguys 2016 MSD Muscle Car of the Year event. Check out the WeBe Autos video review to see more of this beauty and hit the Like!


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