1 of 37 Known to Exist Moulin Rouge 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

moulin rouge 1970 plymouth aar cuda restored


This Moulin Rouge 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda is 1 of only 37 known to exist as well as 1 of the most pristine examples you can see. I believe you will agree that the Mopar FM3 paint code is by far the most audacious color to ever be sprayed on a muscle car right from the factory. Even back in the day it required a lot of guts for a guy to be seen driving around in what is usually considered such an effeminate color and of course many of the FM3 Mopars were repainted once they ended up with another owner.

original FM3 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda


This original Moulin Rouge 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda not only rocks one of the most desired high impact colors, but has original body numbers, fender tags and packs a numbers matching 340 Six Pack V8 engine. The rare muscle car has been rotisserie restored in May of 2011 as well as visually inspected by Galen Govier right after that. Check out the DeezysSpeedShop video from the Greenwood show in Seattle, Washington and make sure you hit the Like!


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