1961 Chrysler 300G Cross Ram 413 – Performance Meet Luxury

1961 chrysler 330g cross ram 413

A total of 1,280 Chrysler 300G hard tops came off the production line in 1961 and today, nearly 60 years later we don’t get to see many of this hot rods, especially in such pristine condition like the one you are looking at. With its stylish appearance and high performance motor this classic is both muscle and luxury car.

red 1961 chrysler 300g

The paint, chrome and trim of this Red 1961 Chrysler 300G look great, the standard for this model swivel seats and the futuristic for its time instrument cluster are far from the classic muscle car interiors we are used to see. And when it comes to performance the Cross Ram 413 cubic inch engine rated at 375 horsepower is more than satisfactory.

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Check out Samspace81’s video to see more of this beautiful 1961 Chrysler 300G!

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