1 of the 30 Fox Body SAAC MK1 Ford Mustangs Produced in 1992

1992 ford mustang saac mk1

If you are into Fox Body Mustangs you probably know that in 1992 the SAAC which stands for Shelby American Automobile Club produced 30 special edition MK1 Ford Mustang GT based cars. This was the very first time a car club produced their own product and as you can figure you don’t get to see one of these special Fox Bodies at every car show.

shelby american automobile club edition fox body mustang

In fact, the extremelly well preserved 1992 Ford Mustang SAAC MK1 car #9 owned by Bob Hahn was never filmed before. My friend Lou has interviewed the owner of this very rare Shelby American Automobile Club edition Fox Body Mustang during the Ford Nationals at the Carlisle events. Check out the video to learn all about these special edition Mustangs and don’t forget to Like!

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