Crazy 1500hp Cobra Vert Mustang Packs a Twin Turbo Coyote

twin turbo vert mustang terminator

I’ve seen all kind of crazy Mustang set ups at drag racing events, but this Convertible Cobra Terminator is definitely one of the coolest. I’m talking about a 5.0 Coyote motor with built GT350 heads, MMR billet intake and pair of Precision turbochargers currently kicking in 1500 horsepower with 7.90 best ET.

And guess what this wild twin turbo Coyote powered Cobra Mustang is a street car with overdrive transmission. Imagine how cool is to ride in a 1500hp beast with your kids on the back seat and the top down. Check out BigKleib34’s video from Street Car Takeover to see this Wild Vert in action!

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