After Huge Fire In His Shop Fast Freddy’s Chevy C10 Is Back

fast freddy chevy c10 truck drag racing santapod

Although he is from Sweden, Fast Freddy is not only the most popular drag racer at Stockholm Open. His radical Chevy C10 truck is the favorite Outlaw Big Tire ride to many enthusiasts all over the World. But for Fred this isn’t just a race truck, it is the vehicle his Father used to pick him up from school back in the day. It has a sentimental value for him and Fred bought it of his Dad at the age of 19.

Few months ago there was a big fire in his shop and Fred lost a lot of his memories, trophies and almost buried the Chevy C10. However, fans, shop owners and fellow drag racers came together to help Fast Freddy recover his shop, trailer and Outlaw big tire Chevy truck. We are happy to see Fred back on track as he came over to Santapod Raceway. Check out the 1320 video to see Fast Freddy flying down the strip in his Chevy C10 and make sure you smack the Like!

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