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See the 1500hp Jam Maker S197 Mustang on the Dyno

1500hp twin turbo mustang gt dyno

The violent S197 a.k.a. Jam Maker started life as a 2011 Ford Mustang GT and some of you probably remember it from the 2018 NMRA World Finals where the stallion was still a street car rocking a single 76mm turbocharger. This year, team FatHouse Fabrications has decided to transform the Jam Maker Mustang into a full-on race car and of course as forced induction wizards they have doubled down on the turbos.

The Jam Maker S197 Mustang currently sports a MPR Racing built motor boosted by a pair of Xona Rotor turbochargers and mounted to T56 Magnum and the work done to the front end is a true work of art. Tuned on One Ethanol E85 R by Johnson Tuning using a MoTeC M150 the twin turbo 2011 Mustang GT made 1560 horsepower to the wheels and over 1000 pounds of torque on 3rd gear.

Check out the FatHouseFab video to see this beast in action and smack the Like!

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