One of Mr. Norms Special 1968 Dodge Dart GSS 440

special order 1968 dodge dart gss 440

Purchased the 1968 Dodge Dart GSS 440 back in 2000 and performed a full restoration, today Paul Ernst is the owner of probably the finest Mr. Norms special ordered M-Coded Dodge Dart muscle car. The recognition and prestigious awards Paul has received for his Mopar are proving the above statement.

mr norms 1968 dodge dart m-code

What was Norm Kraus’ (Mr. Norm) intention, why he requested 50 vehicles from Chrysler and what happened to the muscle cars at Hurst-Campbell where these were converted into M-coded 1968 Dodge Dart GSS you will learn from Paul Ernst along with the story of his own remarkable Mopar.

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