Home Drag Racing “Deadspool” Coyote 6R80 Mustang Goes 7-Seconds

“Deadspool” Coyote 6R80 Mustang Goes 7-Seconds

coyote 6r80 mustang drag racing

Started as a 2011 Ford Mustang GT this stallion has been transformed into a 7-second quarter mile rocket by the Palm Beach Dyno team. The “Deadspool” Mustang is fitted with MPR Racing Engines long block Coyote motor dressed with Ford Racing throttle body, Plazmaman intake, custom intercooler, custom cams and boosted with pair of turbochargers.

The power is then sent through 6R80 transmission and results in 7.92 second quarter mile pass at 182mph. Check out the video to see the “Deadspool” Mustang GT drag racing.

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