1966 Shelby GT350R – What Makes Cars Fun to Drive

1966 shelby gt350r race car

As you’ll figure this isn’t a real 1966 Shelby GT350R, but a Mustang Fastback converted to one of the vintage race cars built by the great Carroll Shelby. While it’s literally impossible to put into perspective how much the automotive industry has changed since the 60’s when the first GT350R was built, the fundamentals of what makes car fund to drive are still pretty much the same.

classic mustang gt350r

Many people are getting excited about modern muscle cars producing great amount of power and loaded with systems that makes operating them as easy as a video game, but for true car guys it’s the basics that makes all the difference. This particular 1966 Shelby GT350R tribute was a sweepstakes vehicle several months ago, but I’m sharing the video because it’s done by gearheads for gearheads. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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