The 900hp "King's Ransom" Chevy Gasser In Action

garage squad 56 chevy gasser


If you watch the Garage Squad TV series you might have seen the '56 Chevy Gasser episode and this is the exact same car called "King's Ransom" you're looking at right now. The story was about Bob King who always wanted a '56 Chevy like the one his Father owned back in the day, so he decided to trade his Harley Davidson and build the gasser of his dreams.

blown 1956 chevy king's ransom


While he was still acquiring parts, Bob's wife got diagnosed with breast cancer, so he had to put the '56 Chevy Gasser project on hold. This is when the Garage Squad came along to help Bob make his dream come true. The result is a wheelstanding blown 496 cube Chevy Gasser a.k.a. "King's Ransom" producing over 900 horsepower controlled by 4-speed Lenco.

Check out my man James Hrovat (VoctoryRedColorado) video from RT66 Joliet!


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