1966 Chevy Chevelle Street Cruiser Pushes 760 WHP

twin turbocharged 1966 chevy chevelle

Received by the Father as a Christmas gift about 15 years ago, built by the Son to kick in 760 horsepower to the wheels and be used as a street cruiser at the same time, this 1966 Chevy Chevelle is one bad to the bone muscle car with great story.

custom built 1966 chevy chevelle

I’m sure the first thing you want to know is what the hell is this thing powered by, right? All I’m going to say is that this 1966 Chevelle packs a Small Block Chevy (Not LS) boosted with pair of turbochargers and the engine bay looks as cool as the car itself.

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To hear the whole story and see this beast flexing muscle watch the AutotopiaLA’s video!

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hot american cars youtube channel


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