Prime Day Two 1969 Chevy Yenko Deuce Nova 427 ZL1

day two chevy yenko deuce nova 427 zl1

Freshly restored, painted in its correct Sunflower Yellow and with all the correct LT1 350 Yenko Deuce badging and striping, this Day Two 1969 Chevy Nova is just outstanding. However, this little muscle car hides a big muscle under the hood as its original 350 engine was blown.

restored sunflower yellow 1969 chevy yenko deuce nova

The Day Two 427 ZL1 motor under the hood of the Sunflower Yellow Yenko Deuce 1969 Chevy Nova has the aluminum block, heads and intake. It makes about 725 horsepower controlled by automatic trans with Hurst shifter and ran 8.90 at the quarter mile before the restoration.

Check out the very first video of this Day Two 1969 Yenko Deuce Nova 427 ZL1 to learn all.

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