Pristine 1978 Mustang King Cobra Owner Interview

tangerine orange 1978 ford mustang II king cobra


Freshly restored as Steen Traxler purchased this 1978 Mustang II KIng Cobra in 2018, the car is in pristine condition. It is powered by the factory correct Ford 302 V8 motor, it wears Tangerine Orange paint with matching interior which is just so 70's that it will bring back great memories to those of you who are old enough.

restored 1978 mustang II king cobra


Steen and his brother who has performed the restoration of the 1978 Mustang II King Cobra have done a tremendous job. In case you're interested in buying and restoring one of these you'll learn great details, what parts are difficult to find and of course see this Tangerine Orange King Cobra Mustang flexing muscle.

Check out my friend Lou's interview with the owner and go for a ride!


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